Saturday, December 13, 2008


As the title implies, it's Holiday time! I'm off till January 13th (cause I don't have classes on Monday according to the new schedule, hoping that doesn't change) so obviously there won't be any projects.
However, hopefully I'll end up doing something artistic over this break, so if I make something I might put it up here or at DeviantArt, or both, so this won't be totally ignored during fun winter season time. Yesh.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Duelling Paintings Part 1

Final assignment for this year, everything else is handed in already, all tests are complete etc., so this is all I have to work on now.
Final painting assignment for this semester is two paintings, one the opposite of the other, in whichever way you care to interpret the meaning of 'opposite'. For mine the 1st painting is a tranquil ocean scene (well the waves are rather choppy but it's still cheerful). In the 2nd I will replace the water, with lava, and that happy dormant volcano will become a raging fireball-like lava dome surrounded by the shattered remnants of the mountain's sides.
Like the previous painting (get that back soon hopefully) I'm making the rouhgs in photoshop, from which I'll paint the finals. Making the rough for the 2nd at the moment, I hope to finish that and get some progress on the finals before tomorrow.
EDIT: Finished the rough (a very detailed rough, too much fun!) for the 2nd painting as well. The 1st might be a wrecked civilization amongst crashing waves, but compared to the 2nd painting, ANYTHING else would look like paradise. Observe:

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ball and Tail Animation

Last animation assignment for the semester! And thus 2008 as well. 2 other projects left, but they will be done shortly.

Here's my Ball and Tail animation. If I had a little more time I'd go in and add more frames to the part around half-way, where the ball jumps in from lower left, lands, looks around then jumps away (particularly the tail is moving too fast as it twists to the 'jumping' position) but other than that I'm happy with this:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

These Dry Bones Part 3

Here's the last of it, this completes my Life drawing class for this semester! Well, I still have to hand it in, but only some extreme and unforeseeable event could prevent that now. Like a Walrus invasion. Actually, that'd be really cool.
ANYWHO, this leaves an animation, 12 object drawings and a painting to finish off the semester entirely. Just seven more semesters to go! :D

This pelvis drawing was just a study I did before drawing the pelvis in full. I used it on my title page because despite being unfinished and a little 'bent', still like how it looks. The pelvis was the only bone I did these 'studies' for, due to teh time constraints later.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

These Dry Bones Part 2

Almost done! Well this semester, though there's still quite a few things which need rapid completion. Anyways, here's my Leg, Scapula and Pelvis bone drawings, only have the arms in supinated and pronated positions left to do, those will be done on Thursday, after I finish off my English essay (should start that, NOW), the whole thing is due Friday, but I'll have all day thursday after class to work on this, and then it will be DONE.
Well here's what you've all (ok I have no idea how much traffic I get here, meh) been waiting for: