Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rough Animatin'

So we had a project for our 3D class where we needed to render out a scene with a rigged character, a prop, a background with some depth (for later compositing), and 100 frames of animation. Conveniently, my scene 2 for my film fits all those requirements, so I put together this rough version of the scene:
The finished scene will have dialogue/lip sync, some heat ripples (in addition to the current light rippling), and that run is a bit frantic, so I might slow it down.
In other news, felt like for some reason sharing the face-rig setup I have for Mantel, mostly cause, with the control-surfaces showing, he looks rather Mickey-esque :)
Now back to riggin' with me.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Heartburn in December

Well it's been a very busy couple of months! I put this animatic together 2 weeks ago:

There's a few changes to the shots that are needed, but for now I am rigging. Mantel's rig is done, and his textures are almost done as well. Everyone else is still sitting at geometry done, except the city Acheron, some details on the airship Ecclesia and the volcanic landscapes. Here's some renders:
I really need to catch up on the geometry and textures before Christmas break. I'll have the rigs done by Friday, so I'll be able to put up some vids of the characters moving around then. And no, I am not suffering from indigestion.

Monday, October 24, 2011


 Welcome back! Well I had a fantastic summer internship at Chuck Gammage Animation Studios (http://www.cganim.com/) where I learned lots more about modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering in Maya. I'd go into more detail, but I think for now, and the rest of the school year, this blog will be focusing on developing this little film here.

"Heartburn" started up in the summer 2 years ago. I knew I didn't want to be fumbling around too much with story when I got around to 4rth year, so I laid out the premise, environment, characters and action  during that summer, along with some initial design work.
I also knew, that this film would be done entirely 3D animation, using Maya:
The city Acheron, with its massive armoured wall to protect it from eruptions.
Designs for the ship, Charon, anti-lava suits, and structures inside the city Acheron.
Old character lineup. At top, Mantel, a worker, Caldera, a soldier and another worker. Below the lineup are various ideas for Mantel, and Avalon (the stripey girl)

At the start, the story was about an engineer named Mantel who wanted to be free of the terrible conditions in the city, Acheron. Mantel builds a ship, the Charon, to cross the lava ocean to freedom. The oppressive General Caldera is angered by Mantel using resources and manpower on what Caldera thinks is a fruitless, suicidal effort, so Caldera banishes Mantel and forces him to leave before the Charon is ready. The ship breaks down out on the lava ocean, it floods with lava and everyone onboard but Mantel is killed. Mantel, clinging to the last bit of unmelted ship, then rides the ship down as it falls off an immense lava-fall at the edge of the lava ocean. Mantel wakes up on a piece of scrap metal floating in a water ocean, where the girl, Avalon, swims up and saves him.

From the start I knew the idea I had was much too 'epic' to present in a short film, so I thought of a few ways to show a snippet of the larger universe I envisioned. The design style also evolved, initially I imagined a fairly straightforward sci-fi style for costumes, props and buildings. Around August this year I realized I wanted a more identifiable style, so I had a simple thought, "everything is trains". I love trains. So I decided the costumes, props, sets and vehicles would all be designed around the world of late 1800's steam locomotives:
 Avalon's swimsuit wasn't very 1800's like, so I started considering more era-appropriate dress.

Caldera's 'steamsuit' was steampunky enough, but too limiting for movement, and still too sci-fi compared to Mantel and Avalon.
His new suit took reference from the American civil war. He's got a cow-catcher for a collar, his cane has a little boiler on the end of it. Not seen here is his monocle.
The Charon's inital design is on the top right. Current design is the big one. The top left design is again, steampunky, but you can't see a train anywhere in it.
The airship Ecclesia, Avalon's vessel that she uses to rescue Mantel from the falling Charon. At the very beginning it was a sailing ship just seen in the background on the water ocean. As I fiddled with the plot, Avalon took on a much more active role. The current story has a great big beauty shot with the Ecclesia diving down past camera. Current design is on the right, though I'm adding a few more side propellers.

These last 2 months were dedicated to getting our stories as close to where we want them as possible. Changes can still be made until December, but not very big ones. Heartburn now consists of the action of Caldera trying to get rid of the rebel Mantel, who is being supported from the outside by Avalon. Mantel is nearly killed by Caldera, and in Mantel's failed escape he is rescued by Avalon with her massive airship. Avalon and Mantel return together to overthrow Caldera.

The film is 1 minute 44 seconds long, that's including the title and credits as they are. I don't expect it to get much shorter. The voices here are all done by me, with the assistance of some audio editing, I'm contacting a voice actor to see if I can get some professional voices for the final film. Here's the leica!

Everyone says this is an ambitious project, and I completely agree. My goal is to challenge myself this year. I plan to finish this film as I envision it. However, I have a backup plan, that I can animate at least 1 minute of the entire story and call it a demo.
This week (which is reading week) I am diving head first into modelling the characters; Mantel, Caldera and Avalon. Ahead of me is modelling the sets, props and the two ships. Then there's texturing, and then rigging. All of this is to be done before Christmas break.
Somewhere in modelling, rigging and texturing I also have to figure out exactly how I will generate the lava. I intend to use realflow, where needed, and I need to learn how to handle that.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


So here's what I got together from the Auto Show. I started with just pencil work, then by the time I got to drawing this wonderful Ferrari 458 Italia I decided to use markers. I was happy enough with the result that I went ahead and marker-ed the other drawings I liked, and this is the result.

Pixar much? At the end of Cars they had a cameo with Michael Schumacher as himself, as a Ferrari. Of course, he was a Ferrari F430, which doesn't have quite the same visual effect (for me) as the 458 Italia. So what I'm saying is they better put the 458 Italia in Cars 2. And a Delorean while they're at it.

No, the Stig (read: Top Gear!) was not there, but I wanted to have at least 1 'human' in my assignment, so I dropped him in. Here he contemplates how he's going to get in to this decidedly too-small Audi kart. The size was on purpose, in real-life this thing looked like it was designed for a kid.

And to be cyclical, there was an episode of Top Gear where Michael Schumacher claimed to be the Stig, so have I drawn the same "person" twice here?

Here's the photo reference!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Hey folks! I think I'll put up some art here soon, but for now some news!

So I got myself an internship position at Chuck Gammage Studios in Hamilton! I'll be working with 3D projects, hopefully a little bit of everything; modelling, rigging, animating. Here's their website so you can see what they do: http://www.cganim.com

SO I'm very excited for this, it's a great studio and I get to do 3D! Also, finally no lame jobs over the summer. I've never been employed as an artist before, this is the next step up towards the dream.

Meanwhile, today we went down to the Toronto Auto show, oddly enough for Life Drawing class. Didn't draw any people, but I took a somewhat caricatured approach to drawing the cars (I think), I'll have some art from that up once I finish working on it. Till next time!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goaticorn and Portfolio

In case you haven't noticed, off to the right here I've got a link to my online portfolio now. Prospective employers for my internship this summer will be directed there as I keep applying. Most of the stuff on there has been put up here in some form, mostly the life drawings are new.

Also this is new. It's that model+rig I was talking about. The 2D design was done by my fellow classmate Keely, but everything 3D is my handywork: model, texture, rig and animation. I wasn't able to make much else new since this took a lot of effort on its own, possibly I might make more and update the portfolio later, but for now I'm happy with my selection and people have been giving it a positive reaction (thanks everyone, I really do appreciate it!) so for now this reel is what I'm applying with.

You'll have to go to the online portfolio for the full reel, I don't feel like putting that on Youtube, but here I'll let you watch the rotation and animation of my Unicorn/Goaticorn character:
It's been suggested that the front legs need work and more bounce in the body as well. I was going for a more pompous walk, but a nice trot I think is what people are envisioning and it wouldn't be overly hard to re-time things to get that. For now I don't have the time to re-render, but again it's certainly something I'm considering for updating the reel with later.