Sunday, April 11, 2010

Choo choo!

Title happens to also be my name according to my neice.
So I decided for the final layout project to go INSANE and fully model in Maya the train I plan to have speed through the drawn backgrounds. And then I couldn't resist the urge to also rig it so the wheels and pump arms would work as it moved forward. A few days later...
Not only that, I wanted a very precise train. "The General" which featured in Buster Keaton's famous film of the same name. Which is awesome and you should see it ASAP.
So here's some renders, notice all of this is being rendered in a line-art type fashion. I just discovered how to make Maya do this and it's convenient for bringing the model into my layout drawings (without standing out like a sore thumb). I'll be making more renders of this after school's done, which is just 2 weeks away so that's not far!