Monday, December 17, 2012

Trekking progress

Lots of progress on the Monterey, I've been making progress renders since the early modelling phase, so here's a series of images from then up to what i got done today.

I'm currently bout half-way through applying the windows and escape pods to the hull texture. My texturing method is very different from what I usually do for my models. Since I'm designing this as an 'in-game' model, the texture is relatively low-res, as is the mesh in general. Most of the work is being done in arranging the UV's to maximize the use of the hull texture I'm using. The main texture is extracted from the game, for learning/reference purposes. I've already modified it and I'll be replacing it entirely once I've got all the UV's laid out. I'm using layered textures, the hull texture is the base, bottom layer, there's an additional texture layer for the 'hangar' deck, then another for the windows/escape pods. There will be one more layer of 'trim' colors, which will allow me to quickly alter the paint job. Aside from texturing, I have yet to set-up the animation for the opening and closing of the hangar bay doors. The doors and the door housing around them curves with the hull, so simply bringing them straight up and down won't work. I'm thinking attaching the doors to a curve, and using that as a motion path may be the best appraoch. i'll let you know!