Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shark-Bait Hoo-ha-ha!

Character expressions assignment, our last drawing assignment for Character design class! Though we still have to do an artist presentation...
Anyways, went with a shark for this one. Originally his head was going to be much more square, but Enzo (our teacher) suggested I put a more standard snout on it, so basically it now has the bow of the Titanic for a nose. I'll be using this guy for our final storyboarding assignment as well.
And now for a fairly rapid 2-point perspective room drawing. And I've already maxed out my caffiene quota for the day this morning! w00t

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Landscape Painting Part 1

Well I did the painting, but in the wrong medium. No, I didn't use the wrong paints, I mean completely the wrong medium, as in it is on the computer, not paper.
No it wasn't a mistake. I did this for my final cloud painting too, I make the whole thing digitally, because Photoshop is nigh-infinitely forgiving if you know what you're doing (which I do, w00t) then print it off and use that as a basis for the traditional painting I'll actually hand in. Basically I end up with two different finished works. The digital one SHOULD be less 'finished' than the physical one, but I often get carried away, so whether or not this approach adds or detracts from my final is yet to be discovered. I did two studies traditionally before, so the switch in medium shouldn't be too startling. Anyways, I'll be doing the real one tomorrow, for now you can see my digital study. Which I might add, you'll get to fully see, where as the finished 'real' painting won't entirely fit in the scanner.
They need to start selling bigger scanners to the masses...
If I can make something that looks like this in gouache, I will be very happy. If it looks better I might be ecstatic : D

Saying a game has vehicles section nowadays is like saying it comes in a BOX

El Box foldio. Okay enough cryptic messages, it's my box fold animation. Quite happy with it, looking forward to the ball and tail assignment that's up next as well. Thank goodness that one's due at the very end, as opposed to every other class which has final assignments due the week before, ie: much sooner than is comfy.

One of which is the landscape painting, which is tonight's task. But for now, Autobox, roll out!
(no, the bad puns have no end):

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Royal Winter Fair didn't have Chairs.

Oh the wit! But seriously, when it was lunch time we only saw about four tables, and of course there was that bar section with a whole bunch more empty tables but you weren't allowed in unless you bought a drink at the bar. Was there like another food court outside or something? Whatever, the indoor situation pertaining to seating was re-donk-u-lus.

ANYWHO, I was hoping I would make more drawings than I did while there, but I certainly have enough for the 6 pages we're supposed to hand in from the fair. Or is it 4 pages? The handout at the beginning of the year says 4, but I keep thinking I heard 6 somewhere. Meh. So here's my 6 pages, as always the drawings were scanned in and arranged in Photoshop (cleaned up a bit too), so if I have to reduce to 4 I can always re-arrange stuff:

The originals were all done with a mechanical pencil. I brought markers, conte pencils, pens and regular pencils with me, but a combination of not wanting to waste time switching between tools (in a VERY crowded building no less), and just being more comfy with my mechanical pencil resulted in doing everything in one medium. At least I had the options there.
Dyslexic Cow

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's like having the movie Dune in your drink.

So in painting today we ironically didn't touch the paints, but did landscape studies using graphite powder in preparation for our landscape paintings due in a few weeks. Combining a few reference pictures I came up with this:

I'll be making some colour studies based on this using photoshop and eventually in real paint (remember that stuff?). It's a sand desert, though as it is it wouldn't be hard to convert to an ice desert. But as the title for this post suggests, I'm headed for the hotter variant. The scene is supposed to have a man-made object in the foreground, I'm thinking either adding a wrecked plane, oil well, generic hut or just rip off a Wind Trap from the Dune series (link is NOT my work). Anyways this exercise was great fun and I'm much more confident about painting dunes now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

These Dry Bones Part 1

Obviously I'm not done all the bone drawings, but the Skull, Lumbar and Cervical Vertebrae are completely, complete, and the Scapula is only missing 2 drawings which won't take long once I get the model again. Pelvis needs 4 more drawings so I haven't bothered assembling the 2 I do have, yet. But the Pelvis was the first bone we got, so I was still figuring out how I was going to draw these when I had it, I improved my method immediately afterwards. Haven't touched the arms and legs yet, but I'm comfy with being able to get to those in time.
Anyways, doing these with H and a 3B Conte pencils, plus a Charcoal White pencil for the shiny bits. Ooo, shiny. Done on Manilla. These were all drawn on 8 1/2x11 then scanned and shrunk down, I scanned a blank Manilla page for the background then put it all together in Photoyshop:
EDIT: Work-in-progress scapula drawings removed, cause I have the full ones posted later.