Friday, February 25, 2011


Hey folks! I think I'll put up some art here soon, but for now some news!

So I got myself an internship position at Chuck Gammage Studios in Hamilton! I'll be working with 3D projects, hopefully a little bit of everything; modelling, rigging, animating. Here's their website so you can see what they do:

SO I'm very excited for this, it's a great studio and I get to do 3D! Also, finally no lame jobs over the summer. I've never been employed as an artist before, this is the next step up towards the dream.

Meanwhile, today we went down to the Toronto Auto show, oddly enough for Life Drawing class. Didn't draw any people, but I took a somewhat caricatured approach to drawing the cars (I think), I'll have some art from that up once I finish working on it. Till next time!