Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why so Serious?

Well, it's a rather serious clown now isn't it?
Got the line work for my storyboard done, which extends across a span of, 87 panels
There's a section near the beginning, the part where they make the flower vase dissappear and then the kid bring it back which might be cut for the sake of time constraints, but I hope to keep it in if I can since I feel it helps develop the relations better, and also shows that the kid asking for the wand and attempting the trick himself isn't just random. But boy does he screw it up!
My suggestion for viewing, right click and open each big image in a new window, maximize each window, then close them as you go along. Hope you likes!
There's gonna be a fade out to black at the very end.
So I need add shading/tone to ALL of these (well, if I don't cut panels 2-20) and make a colour version of one panel as well. Luckily making the colour version also takes care of about 15% of the next painting assignment (and layout is directly linked with this as well) so while there's lots to be done, at least I'm working on multiple projects with the same drawings.

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