Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dutch Kart?

So I got this animation done yesterday. I seem to have a strange ability to make an animation work WITHOUT TESTING IT ONCE. Obviously I could make it much better if I tested it and reworked any issues, I don't see this as an opportunity to continue not revising my work, but rather that I have a fairly good understanding about timing/spacing etc. Again, I could improve, but at least I can do it. Yay.
So that's the animation's story, for the second part of this post I bring you more from the 3D world (or virtual 3D world to be precise). This is my first notable model in Maya, 1st and 2nd project (a bowl of fruit, and a snowman) notwithstanding. It's of my Mario Kart toy which came with an awesome Yoshi action figure, hence the kart is green, for Yoshi, who cannot hear me over his awesomeness. Here's some renders:

Really happy with how this turned out, well I mean it looks just like the intended object so that's really all there is to it. Hardest part to model? Probably the three-spoked steering wheel, figuring out how to get the spokes in with only basic polygon modelling took the most brain power, but it didn't break anything. I think.

Mr. Big Hat dissapproves of people from the Netherlands (the line is from Goldmember if you couldn't tell).


Darryl Kee said...

thats a really sleek model. wow

Stephen Good said...

Thanks Darryl! Making a proper render helps alot.

Spencer Duffy said...

Your Maya skills are amazing!

I sure hope you didn't get a chance to see mine. It was hardly an object compared to this!


ALane said...

hey obi wan kenobi, teach me the ways of the maya force....
cuz you have sweet skillz and all i got was this crappy t-shirt