Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goaticorn and Portfolio

In case you haven't noticed, off to the right here I've got a link to my online portfolio now. Prospective employers for my internship this summer will be directed there as I keep applying. Most of the stuff on there has been put up here in some form, mostly the life drawings are new.

Also this is new. It's that model+rig I was talking about. The 2D design was done by my fellow classmate Keely, but everything 3D is my handywork: model, texture, rig and animation. I wasn't able to make much else new since this took a lot of effort on its own, possibly I might make more and update the portfolio later, but for now I'm happy with my selection and people have been giving it a positive reaction (thanks everyone, I really do appreciate it!) so for now this reel is what I'm applying with.

You'll have to go to the online portfolio for the full reel, I don't feel like putting that on Youtube, but here I'll let you watch the rotation and animation of my Unicorn/Goaticorn character:
It's been suggested that the front legs need work and more bounce in the body as well. I was going for a more pompous walk, but a nice trot I think is what people are envisioning and it wouldn't be overly hard to re-time things to get that. For now I don't have the time to re-render, but again it's certainly something I'm considering for updating the reel with later.

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Hayley Fromstein said...

Oh sweet, you made Keely's Unicorn 3D! Awesome work, I really like the walk :D