Saturday, April 7, 2012

Really flowing

Well I'm in the middle of blitzing the rest of my animation, and at the same time finally simulating the lava for the scenes that really need proper liquid lava. I'm saving a lot of time by using a simple lumpy plane in a few scenes with the lava texture, and then just moving that through a lattice to make it warp a bit.

I'm using Next Limit's RealFlow 5 to simulate the lava particles, and then generate a mesh from them. The money shot, the main scene that really needs a realistic simulation, is the lava-fall sequence, and this is what the simulation looks like so far:
The film is technically due on Monday, not sure if I'll have 100% animation for that hand-in, but I'll be pretty close. I'll put up the version I do hand-in afterwards, and after getting some sleep. After the hand-in I'll be finishing any animation left over, and rendering the final version for industry day at Sheridan. Hand-in for that is the 23rd, so I'll be linking the 'final' version of the film here on that day.

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Vinayak Kachhiya said...

I want to know what setting you use to make realistic LAVA