Saturday, November 15, 2008

Royal Winter Fair didn't have Chairs.

Oh the wit! But seriously, when it was lunch time we only saw about four tables, and of course there was that bar section with a whole bunch more empty tables but you weren't allowed in unless you bought a drink at the bar. Was there like another food court outside or something? Whatever, the indoor situation pertaining to seating was re-donk-u-lus.

ANYWHO, I was hoping I would make more drawings than I did while there, but I certainly have enough for the 6 pages we're supposed to hand in from the fair. Or is it 4 pages? The handout at the beginning of the year says 4, but I keep thinking I heard 6 somewhere. Meh. So here's my 6 pages, as always the drawings were scanned in and arranged in Photoshop (cleaned up a bit too), so if I have to reduce to 4 I can always re-arrange stuff:

The originals were all done with a mechanical pencil. I brought markers, conte pencils, pens and regular pencils with me, but a combination of not wanting to waste time switching between tools (in a VERY crowded building no less), and just being more comfy with my mechanical pencil resulted in doing everything in one medium. At least I had the options there.
Dyslexic Cow

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