Tuesday, November 4, 2008

These Dry Bones Part 1

Obviously I'm not done all the bone drawings, but the Skull, Lumbar and Cervical Vertebrae are completely, complete, and the Scapula is only missing 2 drawings which won't take long once I get the model again. Pelvis needs 4 more drawings so I haven't bothered assembling the 2 I do have, yet. But the Pelvis was the first bone we got, so I was still figuring out how I was going to draw these when I had it, I improved my method immediately afterwards. Haven't touched the arms and legs yet, but I'm comfy with being able to get to those in time.
Anyways, doing these with H and a 3B Conte pencils, plus a Charcoal White pencil for the shiny bits. Ooo, shiny. Done on Manilla. These were all drawn on 8 1/2x11 then scanned and shrunk down, I scanned a blank Manilla page for the background then put it all together in Photoyshop:
EDIT: Work-in-progress scapula drawings removed, cause I have the full ones posted later.

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