Saturday, January 24, 2009

Teh Panthar

Working on the Pink Panther walk, wish this weekend (the last weekend I have to work on it) didn't end up being the best time to work on this, but meh. Anyways, discovering the issues with my animation thus far required discovering how to pencil test this thing at home without flipbook or the camera tables that are at the school. Well, it can be done! I've got a program called Animation Shop, doesn't work quite the same as Flipbook but it still does the job. For getting the drawings into the computer I've improvised a setup with the peg bar on the wall and a taped-down camera, plus a lamp. If I had a tripod I could get better quality (less jumpy), but I work with I gots:

So I've yet to add the tail, but I'm already happy with the head turn (which as you can see isn't in-betweened yet) the body bounce and hip+shoulder movements. The legs need some tweaking as do the arms, for both I seem to be having an issue with when the limbs snap forward, I think it's just one in-between frame going the wrong way that's causing that. I mean it's passable, but it's not smooth enough for me yet. The Pink Panther walk should be like a glide, he's a relaxed guy, er, cat, like he just got back from a massage.

EDIT: I've fixed the arms but not the legs yet, I replaced the old video cause it only had one cycle and this one's better anyways. The new video has the fixed arms, the problem was indeed just two in-betweens being wonky.

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