Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Videos

After an epic-busy week our reading week has begun, which means we can finally stop taking caffiene intravenously. w00t!

Anyways, two videos for this post, one is the coloured version of the Pink Panther walk with a panning background, which was our Digital assignment these last two months:
Yes, commies on the moon.

So... the next video is our 2nd Animation assignment this semester; a head rotation, expression change and lip sync using a character of our choice. I chose Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast, mostly because he's a clock, and clocks are cool. It was technically due Tuesday, but like most people I know I only got it finished near the end of this week, cause everything was intense. But it's done! Much rejoicing:

Sorry if the video is a little hard to see near the end, combination of the low quality format it's converted to when it's posted here, non-ideal image capture of the original drawings and the fact that the originals aren't all in black graphite.

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