Sunday, March 29, 2009

Polar Bear Walk 1

3rd animation assignment this semester, a quadrupedal animal walk, I went with a Polar Bear, because my Penguin army needs steeds for their cavalry-I mean, you didn't hear tha- ah whatever, the plan can't be stopped now!

ANYWAYS, here's the rough, this also marks the first animation I've made at home with my recently acquired Flipbook and Webcam. Still need a proper stand for the cam (ie: not just clipped to the top of my monitor) as well as some decent lighting, but it works fine for pencil testing, infinitely easier than taking photos with my digital camera.

I'd like to add I like Jasc Animation Shop better than Flipbook as of the moment. I'm not sure if Flipbook is actually limited but it feels like it (I know I have the FULL version), what I know for sure is that if the capabilites are there the user interface is sub-par (for instance, it shouldn't be this hard to figure out how to delete frames, not just clear their contents), Jasc handles the basic functions much better, I feel more in control, and it was just as easy to aquire the program (ie: Google search, 1st or 2nd link, download, no torrents)

Well all that's left for this is the clean-up, with low quality image capture and the unfinished state it rather does look like a Polar Bear in a snow storm...

We've had a whole lot of projects being handed in, at least in layout we handed in one project before we even got the marks back from the previous one, which was inconvenient considering how similar the projects were, would've liked to have fixed mistakes from the first one. Anyways there's more stuff to be put up I'll add it as it comes back, meanwhile I have an essay to write and a polar bear to bring out from the storm.

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