Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rough Animatin'

So we had a project for our 3D class where we needed to render out a scene with a rigged character, a prop, a background with some depth (for later compositing), and 100 frames of animation. Conveniently, my scene 2 for my film fits all those requirements, so I put together this rough version of the scene:
The finished scene will have dialogue/lip sync, some heat ripples (in addition to the current light rippling), and that run is a bit frantic, so I might slow it down.
In other news, felt like for some reason sharing the face-rig setup I have for Mantel, mostly cause, with the control-surfaces showing, he looks rather Mickey-esque :)
Now back to riggin' with me.


Curnette Beckford said...

It looks really good!

Sam Amanfi said...

whoa..good stuff steve. nice atmosphere.