Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Animatic Update

A few updates, this version has the animated scene 2 cut in (still not done) as well as several key changes to the ending. I'm trying out this panning of the cannons rolling out instead of the big long shot of the ships floating in as the big finale shot. The old shot was too fast and too far away, ambiguous etc. I feel the shot works but I'm not sure if it works well enough as the very last shot, so let me hear your ideas!

Heartburn Animatic 18 01 2012 from Stephen Good on Vimeo.
Also, finally dove into mudbox and got with the sculpting of the landscapes, well one of them. I've also finalized Mantel's textures. So here's one shot of each of those, I'll take another landscape shot sometime when I've got the real lava effect in there, that should (fingers-crossed) look real nice.
PS: actually I made a change to Mantel's texture but forgot that I hadn't fixed it for this render. His clothes aren't gonna be that 'bumpy'

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