Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here's my 12 hands, I'll put up my 12 feet once they're done. Just 3 more feet to draw, they're due tomorrow, but since I'm not shading my feet they get done much faster. At some point my time management went kablooie, so it became impossible to draw all 12 feet in time with shading. Oh well, like how they're working out anyways...
For reading week, in order of importance (ie: what's due first):
-Seaweed+Book Flip animation
-6 Character Poses
-1-point perspective Classroom
-Cloud Painting
-Object Drawings (20 by the end of the semester)
So yeah, that's going to be busy. We should REALLY have an extension on the seaweed/book, since we've only had about an hour of in-class time to work on it (during which we were also finishing our previous assignment) but let's not COUNT on that happening.
Well it's time to go Back To The Future.

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